September 30, 2022


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#Actor #SeanDillingham LIFESTEALER Short Film

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Fans, Friends & Folks. I was involved in an AMAZING Medieval film called "Lifestealer. Featured a lot of other people lending their talents to the project like Rob Cobasky, Sean Berube, Michael Santos, Brenton Bender and more! It turned out AMAZING! I have to say of all the many, many things I’ve done – this would be in the top 3 of Best projects I’ve done.

So here’s the dealio. Two things – A.) watch it, review it love it (which you will) and B.) VOTE for it! It is involved in a film competition right now, it needs support and votes, time is of the essence so don’t delay! Mucho appreciato!

You, like me, will wind up watching this over and over and over!


Here’s where to VOTE:

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1 min read Tastes great. Less billing. MintMobile x AriZona Iced Tea. Actors Channel Source: Ryan Reynolds

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