November 27, 2022


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Black Belt Reacts to Chen Tang | Warrior S2E3 “Not How We Do Business” Fight Reaction

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Watch me, a black belt, react to Chen Tang in Warrior Season 2 episode 3 "Not How We Do Business". I’ll point out how why Hong’s fighting style is unique and what makes this episode stand out from the rest of the series.

00:00​​​ Intro
00:58​​ Lee’s Bar Fight
01:29 Hong vs. Fung Hai
02:52 Bill & Family vs. Fung Hai
05:15 Outro

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Throughout the video, I’ll point out the following:

How props can make a fight scene dynamic
Why Hong’s intro reminded me of another character’s intro from Season 1
Which moves wouldn’t be effective IRL
Why Hong’s fighting style is unique
Which scene was a clear escalation for the series

Intro & Outro Music: Lofi Mallet by Kwon

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