September 30, 2022


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Rob & Ryan Lead From Behind

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I made a bet. I lost. But it still paid off.

LEAD FROM BEHIND is on a mission to make colon cancer famous.
We’re raising awareness that #ColonCancer is The Preventable Cancer.

► Colon cancer is the second biggest cancer killer in America. 1 in 24 Americans gets colon cancer. It doesn’t need to be – because it’s preventable.
► The best way to prevent colon cancer is by getting a colonoscopy when you turn 45. The guidelines changed in 2021 lowering the age from 50 to 45.
► People don’t want to talk about colonoscopies, let alone get one. We’re using humor and heart to change that.
► Colon cancer is rising in young people – predicted to be the top cancer killer for people under 50 by 2030.

LEAVE FROM BEHIND is founded by Brooks Bell, powered by @colorectalcanceralliance, and created in partnership with Maximum Effort & Chrysi Philalithes.


Actors Channel Source: Ryan Reynolds


1 min read Tastes great. Less billing. MintMobile x AriZona Iced Tea. Actors Channel Source: Ryan Reynolds

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