August 13, 2022


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Shaolin Kung Fu in Hollywood | Black Belt Reacts to Warrior S2E4

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Watch me, a black belt, react to fight scenes from Warrior season 2 episode 4 "If You Don’t See Blood, You Didn’t Come to Play". I’ll point out the different dynamics in Sophie and Leary’s relationship, which sequences are evocative of Shaolin kung fu, and what is usually missing in Hollywood fight scenes.

00:00​​​ Intro
00:55 Irish Boxing
02:06 Shaolin Bo Form
03:01 Factory Fight
04:19 Outro

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Throughout the video, I’ll point out the following:

How fighting is used in a different tactic in this episode
The different dynamics in Sophie and Leary’s relationship
The movement that is evocative of Shaolin kung fu
How they’re escalating the stakes
What is missing in most Hollywood fight scenes

Intro & Outro Music: Lofi Mallet by Kwon

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