September 28, 2022


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The Extraordinary Story Of Della Reese, Tess from TV’s Touched by an Angel

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The Extraordinary Story Of Della Reese, Tess from TV’s Touched by an Angel.
The mini real story of Della Reese. After coping with the Ending of one of her best friends, Redd Foxx, in 1991, she was reluctant to play the older female lead in inspirational television drama Touched by an Angel, but went ahead and auditioned for the role of Tess. She wanted to have a one-shot agreement between C.B.S and producer Martha Williamson, but the network ordered more episodes. Reese was widely seen as a key component of the show’s success. Already starring on Touched by an Angel was the lesser-known Irish actress Roma Downey, who played the role of case worker Tess’s angel/employee, Monica. Reese was the godmother of Roma Downey’s daughter Reilly Marie. Reese officiated at the marriage ceremony of Downey and Mark Burnett in the absence of Downey’s late mother.
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