August 13, 2022


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The Lineage

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Director : Jason Momoa
Shot and edited By : Damien Bray

It’s been a dream come true to be able to go out and shoot my art the way that I envision it showing the lineage of Harley Davidson coming into the new age of motorcycles. Being able to see the history and soul of Harley Davidson bridge into the new generation of @livewireEV that are coming out now is a beautiful thing

Thank you to all the people involved and all the riders who bled and worked day and night to make this happen and to bring this to life on a scale that we’ve never done before.

Mahalo to @da_bray for putting his footage together and editing this piece.


Camera / Edit : @Da_bray

Film crew



Written by

Photos by

Locations :

Riders :


Color @nick__metcalf @mill_ny
Music @benchetrit_small_music

special thanks to
Jim Lattin
Bill Lattin
blaine halvorson
Steven Constancio

Shot On:

#HarleyDavidson #ShotOnRed #Leitzcine

Source: Jason Momoa

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