January 21, 2022


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The Sad Real-Life Story Of Mel Tormé – A Tribute to Mel Tormé

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The Sad Real-Life Story Of Mel Tormé – A Tribute to Mel Tormé.
Mini bio of the life of Mel Tormé, who is an American musician, singer, composer, arranger, drummer, actor, and author. He composed the music for "The Christmas Song" and co-wrote the lyrics with Bob Wells. Melvin Howard Tormé was born in Chicago, Illinois, to Polish Jewish immigrant parents, William David Torme and Betty Torme Simkin. He graduated from Hyde Park High School. A child prodigy, he first performed professionally at age four with the Coon-Sanders Orchestra, singing "You’re Driving Me Crazy" at Chicago’s Blackhawk restaurant.
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