December 5, 2022


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The Secret to Auditioning

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Come audit a Power Audition Technique Honing (PATH) online Zoom class for FREE anytime! Watch how we learn to let it rip!

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What is PATH?

"Power Audition Technique Honing is an audition technique designed to be used from the moment you get the audition info, all the way through the post-audition, ‘What the f*^k just happened!?’, emotional/psychological/spiritual whirlwind. PATH is a practical, personally customized and very specific system that gives you a path to bravely walk through and harness your natural fears, allowing you to transform your audition into a dazzling display of artistry.

"PATH is an acting technique that allows you to create magnetic, spontaneous performances/auditions that are based on bringing your own personality to bare on the role, not fall into the trap of manufacturing a contrived, two-dimensional ‘character’. I train my students to practice a series of exercises, both in class and in their auditions, which vastly improves the audition experience, making it a thrilling act of improvisation and revelation. Through PATH you will create the Artist’s Manual – your personal auditioning game plan."
About Greg:

I’ve been a professional, working actor for over 25 years, and within that time, I’ve been coaching actors, one-on-one, in class, and in workshops, in PATH and Practical Goal Setting Technique (PGST)* for fifteen years. My clients range from those just entering the biz, to celebrities, leads of hit TV shows, and Emmy winners. It has been a profound joy witnessing my clients and students, through using my techniques, go on to become series regulars, book roles in major films, and have not only their audition process and careers transformed, but their entire approach to creativity itself.

How was PATH and PGST born? In 2002, I hit bottom with addiction to drugs and alcohol. With the generous help of others who had overcome compulsions similar to my own, I soon found a path toward physical sobriety. The key to this path was an intrinsically linked combination of Acceptance and Surrender, i.e. – discovering what was in my power and what was not in my power. The key itself had been forged in the fires of my own suffering, or, to put it more precisely, forged in a new understanding and new relationship with that suffering.

Eventually, I felt called to re-address my career and skills as a professional actor with this deeper, experiential understanding on the nature of power. I began to ask myself – "What am I truly pursuing? – Do I even know? What are the skills necessary for building an artistic career of substance? Do I possess these skills, and if not how might I acquire them? How does my calling to be a professional actor relate to the larger principles of my life?" Engaging with questions such as these were the seeds of PATH and PGST.

*For more information on Practical Goal Setting Technique, head to:

Acting Career/ Learning News Source: A PATH for the Actor with Greg Sims


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