August 11, 2022


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The Tragic Ending Of Greg Morris – Sadly, He was Only 62

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The Tragic Ending Of Greg Morris – Sadly, He was Only 62.
The mini real story of Greg Morris. After Mission: Impossible was cancelled, Morris appeared in several movies and made guest TV appearances (1974 – The Six Million Dollar Man – Episode 1-05 "Little Orphan Airplane"). Morris was cast in mid 1978 as Lt. David Nelson of the Las Vegas Metro Police, for the 1978-79 season of the ABC TV detective series Vega$, co starring with Robert Urich as Las Vegas detective Dan Tanna, Bart Braverman as Binzer, and Phyllis Davis as Bea. Morris married his wife Leona Keyes in 1956, and remained married until his Ending. Together they had three children, including actor Phil Morris and actress Iona Morris. Leona Morris passed away on November 2, 2016, aged 81.
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