August 11, 2022


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The Tragic True Story Of Donald O’Connor, Lesser-Known Secrets About Donald O’Connor

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The Tragic True Story Of Donald O’Connor, Lesser-Known Secrets About Donald O’Connor.
The mini real story of Donald O’Connor. When O’Connor was only two years old, he and his seven-year-old sister, Arlene, were hit by a car while crossing the street outside a theater in Hartford, Connecticut; Donald survived, but his sister did not. A few weeks later, his father died of a heart attack while dancing on stage in Brockton, Massachusetts. His brother Billy died a decade later from scarlet fever and his eldest sibling Jack died from alcoholism in 1959. His three other siblings died during childbirth. O’Connor said the tragedies "marred my childhood and it’s still haunting." O’Connor’s mother was extremely possessive of her youngest son due to these traumas, not allowing him to cross the street on his own until he turned 13. Effie also stopped O’Connor from learning hazardous dance routines, and made sure she always knew where he was when he wasn’t performing. She was a typical stage mother, often striking him.
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