August 15, 2022


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The Tragic True Story Of Janet Leigh – Marion Crane in “Psycho”

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The Tragic True Story Of Janet Leigh – Marion Crane in "Psycho".
The mini real story of Janet Leigh. During her final year of high school, Leigh married eighteen-year-old John Kenneth Carlisle in Reno, Nevada, on August 1, 1942. The marriage was annulled five months later on December 28, 1942. While a university student, Leigh met Stanley Reames, a U.S. Navy sailor who was enrolled at a nearby V-12 Program. Leigh and Reames married on October 6, 1945, when she was eighteen; their marriage, however, was also short-lived, and they divorced less than three years later. Though Leigh initially left college to pursue her film career, she re-enrolled in night classes at the University of Southern California in early 1947. On June 4, 1951, Leigh married actor Tony Curtis in a private ceremony in Greenwich, Connecticut. From 1951 to 1954 Leigh and Curtis appeared in numerous home movies directed by their friend Jerry Lewis. Then, Curtis and Leigh divorced in 1962. She married businessman Robert Brandt later that year.
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