November 29, 2022


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The Tragic True Story of Laura Branigan and Her Husband – Sadly She was 52

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The Tragic True Story of Laura Branigan and Her Husband – Sadly She was 52.
The mini real story of Laura Branigan. Branigan affectionately referred to her fans many times as her "other half." On the first anniversary of her death in 2005, many fans attended the first "Laura Branigan Spirit of Love Memorial Gathering" weekend, sponsored by Other Half Entertainment and and held near the Long Island home where she last lived, caring for her mother. The gathering then became an annual tradition. Branigan and her music saw renewed popularity and public interest in 2019 in the US after "Gloria" was adopted by the NHL’s St. Louis Blues as their unofficial victory song while they completed a historic mid-season turnaround to win their first Stanley Cup in franchise history, leading to the song entering ice hockey lore as an "unlikely championship anthem".
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