August 10, 2022


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The Tragic True Story Of The Real Captain Herbert Sobel – Who Created Easy Company

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The Tragic True Story Of The Real Captain Herbert Sobel – Who Created Easy Company.
The mini true story of Captain Herbert Sobel. Sobel was portrayed as a petty and capricious martinet in the television series Band of Brothers, generating much debate. Since the series, his son Michael Sobel has spoken out on his behalf. In interviews, some Easy Company veterans have acknowledged the part Sobel’s training played in the company’s later successes. Writing of him in their autobiographies, he is recalled with little fondness by fellow officers, who regarded him as a dilettante in the practical matters of ground combat, particularly due to his pronounced lack of understanding of common infantry field craft such as land navigation and basic infantry combat tactics, as well as a refusal to listen to the advice of fellow officers or NCOs. Because while everyone hated Sobel, he helped create Easy Company and prepared them for action. It is said he deserved the credit for their survival. But seriously, there’s a lot about Sobel here. And honestly, it is kinda sad, especially the ending.
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