October 3, 2022


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The True Story Of Ethel Barrymore – First Lady of the American Theatre

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The True Story Of Ethel Barrymore – First Lady of the American Theatre.
The mini real story of Ethel Barrymore. Winston Churchill was among Barrymore’s many new friends in England. Churchill reportedly proposed to her in 1900, Barrymore mentions no such thing in her autobiography, though she includes a photograph of herself and Churchill on the lawn at Blenheim Palace in 1899. While touring in England at age 19, she had been rumored to be engaged to the Duke of Manchester, actor Gerald du Maurier, writer Richard Harding Davis and Churchill. Ethel Barrymore married Russell Griswold Colt on March 14, 1909. The couple had been introduced, according to Barrymore’s autobiography, when Colt had strolled by the table where she was having lunch with her uncle, actor John (Uncle Jack) Drew, in Sherry’s Restaurant in New York.
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