August 17, 2022


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The True Story of “Walking Tall” Sheriff Buford Pusser: Man behind the Legend

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The True Story of "Walking Tall" Sheriff Buford Pusser: Man behind the Legend.
The mini real story of Sheriff Buford Pusser. Pusser was ineligible for re-election in 1970 due to the term limit then in effect. He was defeated in his bid for sheriff in 1972. Pusser blamed the loss to incumbent Sheriff Clifford Coleman in part on the controversy surrounding the making of the semibiographical movie, Walking Tall. He was re-elected as constable of Adamsville by a majority of voters, who wrote in his name on their ballots. He served as constable for two more years (1970–1972). Pusser was the subject of three biographical books written by W.R. Morris: The Twelfth of August: The Story of Buford Pusser (1971), Buford: True Story of "Walking Tall" Sheriff Buford Pusser (1984). In addition, Morris also created a pictorial history book of Buford called The Legacy of Buford Pusser: A Pictorial History of the "Walking Tall" Sheriff (1997). Pusser’s daughter Dwana released a book in 2009 entitled Walking On, which is also an account of his life.
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